The Mythopoetics of Mi and Te

Descending: Opportunity. Providence.

Ascending: Effort. Effort required, work at hand, tools available.

The density and vibration level of mi is that of our beloved Earth. She is the source through which we incarnate: our flesh is Her flesh; our sustenance, Her gift. 

In a descending scale, mi is the point of opportunity. Here we are incarnate, sentient, and sustained—now is our chance. Cards drawn below mi —and its chromatic counterpart, te—point to an opportune time, a time when essentials are graciously provided. In an ascending scale, mi represents effort. In order to realize our intentions, we must work. Cards drawn above mi or te occur at a time of demand, and speak of efforts required; they may point to specific work at hand, or to tools available for the job. 

Ultimately, the scalepoint of mi/te is about what we are given and what we wish to do with it. Ascending or descending, it is a gateway to the experience of gratitude.

The mythopoetics of the scalepoints are derived from "An Astrology of Vibration"—explore it here(Some knowledge of music and/or a familiarity with the subpages under "Mechanics to Metaphor," at left, is suggested.)