Interpretation: Metaphors Be With You

Metaphors Be With You. As you begin the process of interpreting your casting, it’s important to remember that what you’re doing is finding a story. The Muzoracle is a system of metaphors; it’s not a fortune teller. There are no good or bad cards or dice, just elements of story, pieces of a narrative; your doom is not being forecast. Stories are useful in all sorts of circumstances—perhaps the story you’re creating addresses a question, or a quandary, or a problem.  Perhaps you’re approaching the oracle with your mind a blank slate, wishing to see what it inspires. Maybe you’re looking for another perspective on an existing situation; or maybe you want to literally write a story, or a piece of music. In any case, the process of casting is a creative one—there are no right or wrong interpretations of its elements. Stay relaxed, open, playful, and sincere.

Another important thing to remember is that you don’t have to utilize all the layers of metaphor available every time you cast. The Musician’s Die alone provides three layers of metaphor; the Solfège Dice, another layer with many substrata; and ditto for the cards. If you start out trying to include everything, you will likely become overwhelmed, or at best lost in thinking. More important than being an expert is keeping your intuition and playfulness intact. Take a little here, take a little there, for a start. Successful use of the Muzoracle is about creating a story that is useful to you—often just a trigger or two will set you on the path.