Note on the Soloist of Strings 

The Soloist of Strings references autonomy in the realm of feeling, or a person that embodies such autonomy. Soloists are often seen as those who go it alone, and the appearance of this card might mean being okay emotionally with doing just that, for awhile at least—but not necessarily. It might instead refer to emotional detachment or freedom: breaking a habit of neediness, for example, or a breakaway from a controlling or manipulative person or situation. Finally, it might refer to aloofness, in oneself or others.

Note on RE/LE Descending, the Point of Dependence 

This scalepoint does indeed indicate a time of energy or focus being drawn away—but as I’ve often said, it may be a necessary draw, and not necessarily a bad thing. I like the analogy of a baby at the breast—yes, it does require energy, but one does, after all, get a baby in the deal, a new life to nurture and engage with, to teach and learn from. 

Another analogy for this scalepoint, one that aligns with Muzoracle cosmology, is that of the Moon pulling at the Earth to create tides: an enormous pull that makes life on Earth what it is. What I’d like to emphasize is that the Moon and Earth are both part of the cosmos, are vital elements of a whole; in the same way, whatever it is that is drawing energy from us at this time is intrinsically linked to us, and part of a bigger picture along with us or within us. What this point calls us to be is aware of all this, aware of the connection, and most of all aware of the draw. Again, a draw isn’t necessarily a bad thing, not at all—all life is constantly giving and receiving, exchanging energies. It’s when we’re asleep to the draw that trouble can arise—we can lose power, lose focus, begin flailing about or withdrawing into a smaller, less connected place. 

A good question when this point appears in a casting might be this: Am I aware of the energy that what’s at hand is drawing? Am I good with that? Do I need to give less? Or perhaps give more?

Selene and Endymion, Ubaldo Gandolfi