Al Segno

Watch for signs; follow the intuition.

In a musical score, a segno—the symbol seen at the center of the Al Segno card—is simply a signpost, a marker. Directions elsewhere in the score tell you what to do regarding it. Dal segno al fine, for example, means “go back to the signpost and play to the end”; da capo al segno means “play from the beginning till you get to the signpost.”

“Al segno” translates simply as “to the sign”; in music, it tells the player to go the sign now. In a casting, Al Segno—a Directive card—indicates the presence of a sign, and a need to take heed of it. It might be the sign is an obvious one, but perhaps not—the Al Segno card is about knowing a sign when you see one, interpreting it, and following it, or at least considering doing so. It is a call to intuition. 

There is a risk, in looking for signs, that anxiety and/or hidden agendas come into play, and that we begin to see signs everywhere; or that we interpret the signs we see to suit our desires. Calm presence, an acknowledging of our attachments, and knowing when to trust ourselves is key to making good use of the al Segno card.