Shift in context; new role.

Musically, a pivot is a device that can be used to smoothly change tonal centers. A pivot is accomplished by introducing a new tonal center—via harmony—under a melodic tone that’s still in the original key. For example, if we sing do, re, mi and hold the note mi, then shift the harmony underneath it so that mi becomes so of a new key, our original do becomes a thing of the past: our new key, our new do, is now magically a third lower than our first.

Pivot is an Elemental card, and indicates a shift in context: a change in external circumstances is thrusting us or what’s at hand into a new role. We may find ourselves, for example, occupying a new position at work, or a different significance in a relationship, but not by our own volition: somebody else quit, the baby was born, etc. Conversely, the Pivot Card can indicate a shift that we initiate, like keeping the same career but moving to a new town with a better clientele. 

Pivots need not apply only to individuals. There are pivots in perception, as when changes in external circumstances cause us to see something or someone in a new light. There are mundane pivots, like changing your shirt to match your tie. In any case, pivots are transformations uniquely marked by one thing shifting and thus redefining something else.