Keycenter of A: The Third Eye Chakra

Intuition, Visualization, Deep Knowing

The keycenter of A is aligned with the Third Eye Chakra, located between and just above the eyes. Castings in the key of A tend to take place in areas regarding conscience, intuition, and visualization.

It is possible to observe the sensation of thought in various parts of the head. Thought in its finer forms—as conscience, as intuition and deep knowing, as clear visualization—manifests where the Third Eye Chakra spins, just above and between the eyes. When the chakra is balanced and open, we see things clearly; with the help of the heart, we know the right choices to make. Our expanded vision includes more of the future: we can see what’s coming, in the form of a simple hunch, or as sustained psychic ability. Our imagination is powerful and focused: we can visualize. If the Third Eye Chakra is blocked or underactive, we are confused, uncertain, and unfocused. If the chakra is overactive, we can suffer monkey mind, as our thoughts flit from one to another; or we can be spacey or lost in fantasy; or our doubts can escalate into a feedback loop of worry.

Cards in the suit of Woodwinds share an affinity with the Third Eye, as do colors and stones of indigo and purple, and the herbs and scents of rosemary, mint, and clary sage. In the body, the Third Eye Chakra is associated with the health and well being of the pineal gland, the eyes, and the ears.