The Suit of Voices

Being, the Higher Self, the Transpersonal

Element: Aether • Platonic Solid: Dodecahedron
Colors: Violet, Lavender

The human voice is the instrument within: with it we make music using nothing but ourselves. The first four elements—Earth, Fire, Water, and Air—are contained within and penetrated by the fifth element, which is Aether, the “air of the gods.” Likewise, the other four Muzoracle suits are all present within Voices. Like Strings, Voices are deeply expressive and engage the heart. They are similar to Woodwinds in that the vocal chords function like a double reed. They relate to Brass in their dependence on the solar plexus as a source of energy, and in that the mouth directs the voice pointedly outward like the bell of a horn. Finally, Voices are associated with Percussion in that all of this occurs within the vessel, the drum, of the body. 

The suit of Voices is aligned with the Soul, our essential being and true individuality, and Spirit, the aspect of our souls that is interconnected to all Being. Cards within the suit deal with issues at an essential level, such as karma and life purpose—they always prompt us to look at the big picture. Voices is also the suit most closely connected to intent, as it is through the voice that we let our wishes be known and that prayer and mantra enter the world.