Joining, conforming, simpatico.

Tuning refers to manipulating an instrument—by changing the tension of its strings, for example—in order for it to produce specific pitches while being played. 

The reason for tuning is twofold. First, we tune in order to play “in tune” with others; when a guitarist and trumpet player each play an “A,” they want their “A’s” to match in frequency. Second, we tune in order to facilitate particular music: if we’re playing traditional Chinese music, for example, we might tune our instrument to a Chinese scale. 

Tuning is an Elemental card, and refers to mutual understanding, to being simpatico or “in tune” with others. It can also refer to joining others, to altering our frequency in order to fit in or be a part of something. Finally, Tuning can reference a conforming to standards, as when we tune our instruments for a particular piece or style.