Interpretation: Hermeneutics, Shades, and Subtleties

Hermeneutics, Shades, and Subtleties. Part of the definition of each scalepoint and card is its hermeneutic, a word or short phrase that serves as an entrée to its meaning. Hermeneutics are listed the indices, here on the site, and on the Muzoracle reference poster. In addition to the hermeneutics, the card definitions include “possible shades and subtleties”—short lists of further suggestions to further inspire. 

The hermeneutics, the possible shades and subtleties, the breakdowns by element (e.g. “Strength/Wholeness/Balance in the realm of Thinking and Ideas”), the sounds, the artwork, the detailed explorations… ultimately, all these things are merely triggers to help the querent form a narrative. In practice, the meanings of the cards and dice vary quite a bit depending on who’s asking what and why—they constantly take on different hues.