The Mythopoetics of Do and Se

Descending: Inception. Beginning, underway, imminent.

Ascending: Intention. Desire, goal, commitment.

Brahman, G-d, the Absolute, the Tao: do is the unfathomable source from which all springs, the ultimate first cause, the final, underlying, unanswerable question. It is boundless, yet we contain it. It is the ultimate particle, a substance beyond the notion of fine, a vibration beyond the notion of high. Do is the Unmanifest as well, the Void, the sacred nothingness into which something-ness expands, and from which anything-ness is born. Do permeates everything everywhere, yet is ineffable; it is the core and mystery of Being.

In the downward flow of nature, in a descending scale, do is the precursor to being. Cards drawn below do—or its chromatic counterpart, se—occur at the point of inception: like a seed in the womb, they speak of that which is impending or imminent, but may or may not yet be visible.

In the upward flow of will, in an ascending scale, do/se is the point of intention. Cards drawn above do or se occur at a time when intentions are set, when desires are voiced or commitments made.

The mythopoetics of the scalepoints are derived from "An Astrology of Vibration"—explore it here(Some knowledge of music and/or a familiarity with the subpages under "Mechanics to Metaphor," at left, is suggested.)