Layout: Know your Solfège

Know your Solfège. Once the Musician’s Die is rolled and set in place, a Solfège Die is rolled, then a card is drawn. Where the Solfège Die and card are placed in relation to each other is determined by which scalepoint comes up on the Solfège Die. 

Do, a Deer … There are two kinds of scalepoints on the Solfège Dice: diatonic points and chromatic points. The diatonic points are the ones most familiar: do (doh), re (ray), mi (mee), fa (fah), so (soh), la (lah), and ti (tee). (If you don’t know them, check out The Sound of MusicMs. Andrews and the kids will teach you!) The chromatic points are the other five points on the dice: se (say), me (may), ra (rah), te (tay), and le (lay). Diatonic points: doremifasolati; chromatic points: the other ones.

The Diatonic Scalepoints

The Chromatic Scalepoints