The Major Seventh

Lack, Absence

This widest of dyads is stretched almost to the Octave—almost. It certainly wants something in the middle—but what? There’s an unease in this dyad; it’s dissonant, but at the same time not really in a hurry to go anywhere.

Empty and unfinished, the Major Seventh is about what’s missing. In a casting, it refers to some kind of lack. Any number of things can fill it—the good news being that we have a choice of with what, the challenge being that we have to decide. Under the influence of this dyad, we may find ourselves facing ennui or restlessness. 

In the active suit of Brass, the hermeneutic for the Major Seventh is inertia; in the emotional suit of Strings, insensitivity; in the intellectual suit of Woodwinds, ignorance; in the physical suit of Percussion, poverty; and in the spiritual, holistic suit of Voices, humility.