Keycenter of B: The Crown Chakra

Higher Self, Transpersonal Experience

The keycenter of B is aligned with the Crown Chakra, located just behind the top of the skull. Castings in the key of B tend to take place in areas that address the transpersonal, our common core, and our connections to higher/deeper self and transcendent realities.

The Crown Chakra is the passage on the roof—the finest and fastest enter and exit here. It overlaps the personal and the transpersonal, the ego and the infinite; it is an invitation to unity; it is Adam’s hand on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. When the Crown Chakra is open and in balance, synchronicity is rampant; joy is available; purpose is felt. When it is blocked or underactive, we find denial or ignorance of the interconnectedness of life; rigid beliefs, religious, scientific, or otherwise; we can’t have fun. If the chakra is overactive, there may be obsessive thoughts, or a living in the past or future, or being “spiritual” to the point of ignoring bodily needs. 

Cards in the suit of Voices share an affinity with the Crown Chakra, as do the colors of violet and white, and clear, white, silver, and violet stones. The scent of myrrh, and lavender as both a scent and an herb, work well with the Crown Chakra.  In the body, the Crown Chakra is associated with the health and well being of the brain.