The Musician's Die Index

Where within? The Musician's Die and the Chakras.

Castings are ascending or descending depending on the direction the die is pointing when it lands. The pitch on the die aligns the casting with a chakra, or energy rising or falling between chakras.

Keycenter of C, Ascending or Descending: The Root Chakra.

Safety, fight or flight, groundedness.


Keycenter of C# Ascending: Root Rising.  Evolving into creative response.

Keycenter of Db Descending: Sacral Falling. Creativity coming to fruition.


Keycenter of D, Ascending or Descending: The Sacral Chakra.

Relationships, intimacy, creative partnership.


Keycenter of D# Ascending: Sacral Rising.  Creativity and cooperation as a path to empowerment.

Keycenter of Eb Descending: Solar Plexus Falling. Bringing to bear the will to create.


Keycenter of E Descending: The Solar Plexus Chakra.  Willpower, determination, self-acceptance. Details. 

Keycenter of E Ascending: Solar Plexus Rising.  Shifting from "me" to "us." Details.


Keycenter of F Descending: Heart Falling. Charity and compassionate action. Details.

Keycenter of F Ascending: The Heart Chakra.  Love, trust, forgiveness, kindness. Details.


Keycenter of F# Ascending: Heart Rising. Sincerity, speaking from the heart, prayer.

Keycenter of Gb Descending: Throat Falling.  Inspiring others.


Keycenter of G, Ascending or Descending: The Throat Chakra.

Communication, honesty, listening, expressiveness.


Keycenter of G# Ascending: Throat Rising.  Being understood.

Keycenter of Ab Descending: Third Eye Falling.  Sharing wisdom.


Keycenter of A: The Third Eye Chakra.

Intuition, visualization, deep knowing.


Keycenter of A# Ascending: Third Eye Rising.  Transcending thought.

Keycenter of Bb Descending: Crown Falling.  Receiving wisdom.


Keycenter of B: The Crown Chakra.

Higher Self, transpersonal experience.