Alternate Casting Techniques

Once the two basic layouts are mastered, the variations are endless—feel free to get creative. Two additional variations, for example, that have found their way to the fore are Two Choices and The Triad. Two Choices is good if there’s a fork in the road, or two alternatives that must be weighed. First the Musician’s Die is rolled, then a Solfège Die rolled and card drawn for both choice A and choice B. The Triad is a three position casting: after the Musician’s Die is rolled, a Solfège Die and card is drawn for Affirming, Denying, and Reconciling positions: left, right, then center. The Affirming position speaks of what is initiating or driving; the Denying position speaks of what is resisting or obstructing; and the Reconciling position speaks of what brings together or resolves.

In any casting—Full Layout, One-up, one of the above, or one of your invention—simply rolling another die and pulling another card is always a possibility. It’s a good idea, though, to check yourself before doing so, making sure you’re not just being lazy or impatient. 

Below, "Two Choices," one on either side of the Musician's Die.