Keycenter of C: The Root Chakra

Safety, fight or flight, groundedness

The keycenter of C is aligned with the Root Chakra, which is centered between the tail bone and the pubic bone. Castings in the key of C tend to take place in areas regarding safety and security.

Jokes abound regarding the anal sphincter and fear—we’ve all heard of someone so scared they “just about crapped their pants.” As humorous (or not) as these "jokes" might be, they point to something real: that's the area where the Root Chakra spins, and when we’re fearful or anxious, that’s where we tighten up. When the Root Chakra is open and balanced, we are grounded and secure, relaxed and at home in our bodies; we exhibit poise and confidence, we trust our instincts, we trust the trustworthy. If the chakra’s blocked or underactive, we can be unreasonably suspicious or worried for our safety; if it’s overactive, we can be bossy or greedy. Suspicion, worry, bossiness, greediness: all fear-based stuff. When the Root Chakra’s balanced, they don’t happen. 

On a cosmic level, the Root Chakra connects us energetically to the Earth: energy rises from the planet through it and upward through us, as well as downward through us and down to the planet.

Cards in the suit of Percussion share an affinity with the Root Chakra, as do colors and stones of red and black, the herbs of dandelion root and sage, and the scent of cedar. In the body, the Root Chakra is associated with the health and well being of the spine and skeletal system, the intestines, the legs and feet, the kidneys and bladder, and the immune and endocrine systems.