The Major Triad

Fulfillment—2:3, 3:4, and 4:5

In addition to the dyad cards, there is one Major Triad card per suit, each determinable by their three suit icons and no text.  The thirteen dyads and major triad together make up all the Sonic Archetypes of the Muzoracle deck.

All three forces—Initiating, Receiving, and Conciliating—are present in the Major Triad, and the Major Triad Cards represent them at a moment of perfect equilibrium: through them, each suit is expressed in its complete and balanced form.

The Triad cards imply no movement—they call for nothing, need nothing; they are at rest. In a casting, they indicate fulfillment. If not navigated consciously, however, they might see us resting on our laurels too long.

In the active suit of Brass, the hermeneutic for the Major Triad is efficiency; in the emotional suit of Strings, contentment; in the intellectual suit of Woodwinds, knowledge; in the physical suit of Percussion, abundance; and in the spiritual, holistic suit
of Voices, right living.