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Muzoracle: The Casting Engine Explained
Below is a non-working model of the Casting Engine application. A working version -- which allows you to enter and listen to the music generated by your castings -- is available for download via the links below. An iOS/Android Muzoracle app is underway, which is the Casting Engine and then some – make sure and follow us here and on Facebook to keep up with the latest!

Download Tips: Choose a version for your computer platform (Mac or Windows). You'll be downloading a large file (about 52 MB) so it may take a while; a high-speed connection is recommended. When the download is complete, you'll have a fully working version of the free Casting Engine software. You can store it anywhere on your computer, but always keep the application and data files in the same folder. When you open the software, click the FAQ or HOW TO buttons for details on how to use it. NOTE FOR MAC USERS: In newer operating systems, the security settings are set to disallow application downloads that are not "officially approved" by Apple or the App Store. This can be overridden in Security settings.

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Muzoracle: Casting Engine: Brass Muzoracle: Brass Unison

Muzoracle: Brass: Octave

Muzoracle: Brass Perfect 5th

Muzoracle: Brass: Perfect 4th

Muzoracle: Brass Major 3rd

Muzoracle: Brass: Minor 6th

Muzoracle: Brass Minor 3rd

Muzoracle: Brass: Major 6th

Muzoracle: Brass Major 2nd

Muzoracle: Brass: Minor 7th

Muzoracle: Brass Minor 2nd

Muzoracle: Brass: Major 7th

Muzoracle: Brass: Tritone

Muzoracle: Brass: Triad

Muzoracle: Brass: Musician
Muzoracle: Casting Engine: Strings Muzoracle: Strings: Unison

Muzoracle: Strings: Octave

Muzoracle: Strings: Perfect 5th

Muzoracle: Strings: Perfect 4th

Muzoracle: Strings: Major 3rd

Muzoracle: Strings: Minor 6th

Muzoracle: Strings: Minor 3rd

Muzoracle: Strings: Major 6th

Muzoracle: Strings: Major 2nd

Muzoracle: Strings: Minor 7th

Muzoracle: Strings: Minor 2nd

Muzoracle: Strings: Major 7th

Muzoracle: Strings: Tritone

Muzoracle: Strings: Triad

Muzoracle: Strings: Musician
Muzoracle: Casting Engine: Woodwinds Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Unison

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Octave

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Perfect 5th

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Perfect 4th

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Major 3rd

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Minor 6th

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Minor 3rd

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Major 6th

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Major 2nd

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Minor 7th

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Minor 2nd

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Major 7th

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Tritone

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Triad

Muzoracle: Woodwinds: Musician
Muzoracle: Casting Engine: Percussion Muzoracle: Percussion: Unison

Muzoracle: Percussion: Octave

Muzoracle: Percussion: Perfect 5th

Muzoracle: Percussion: Perfect 4th

Muzoracle: Percussion: Major 3rd

Muzoracle: Percussion: Minor 6th

Muzoracle: Percussion: Minor 3rd

Muzoracle: Percussion: Major 6th

Muzoracle: Percussion: Major 2nd

Muzoracle: Percussion: Minor 7th

Muzoracle: Percussion: Minor 2nd

Muzoracle: Percussion: Major 7th

Muzoracle: Percussion: Tritone

Muzoracle: Percussion: Triad

Muzoracle: Percussion: Musician
Muzoracle: Casting Engine: Voices Muzoracle: Voices: Unison

Muzoracle: Voices: Octave

Muzoracle: Voices: Perfect 5th

Muzoracle: Voices: Perfect 4th

Muzoracle: Voices: Major 3rd

Muzoracle: Voices: Minor 6th

Muzoracle: Voices: Minor 3rd

Muzoracle: Voices: Major 6th

Muzoracle: Voices: Major 2nd

Muzoracle: Voices: Minor 7th

Muzoracle: Voices: Minor 2nd

Muzoracle: Voices: Major 7th

Muzoracle: Voices: Tritone

Muzoracle: Voices: Triad

Muzoracle: Voices: Musician
Muzoracle: Compositionals Muzoracle: Compositionals Button

muzoracle.comUse for any Compositional (black and white) card

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