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center of attention, level

In music, tonality is the phenomenon in which a group of pitches appear to gravitate around, to reference, a single pitch. This single pitch and its posse is sometimes called a key -- the “key of C” is a tonality, for example, in which a group of specific pitches, expressed via harmony or melody or scale, is centered around the note “C.”

The phenomenon of tonality arises from the Harmonic Series. When the relationship between one or more pitches and a single pitch is analogous to the relationship between lower harmonics and their fundamental, we apprehend the pitch functioning as the fundamental as do, as home. Tonality, then, arises from natural law -- that’s probably why we find it so pleasing, and why we find atonality unsettling (sometimes, of course, being unsettled is just the ticket.)

The Tonality Card refers to a central point, a crux around which all else orbits. In a casting, this can indicate what's at hand becoming the center of attention, the person or thing around which everything revolves.

Tonality plays a big part in Muzoracle cosmology; shifts in tonality represent shifts in level of being. This can play out in a casting as a need to consider level, the point to which something or someone has progressed so far.

To divine the meaning of this card in a casting, consider the Solfege Die it was drawn above or under.

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