The Tarot of Shop

stillness, mystery, secrecy,
circumspection, stifling

Where in this life do we find silence? Even in a soundproof anechoic chamber, there is the movement of air, the sound of our blood coursing through our veins. True silence exists where matter is so scarce that waves cannot propagate, as in the relative vacuum of outer space; it would seem that if we were in a position to experience true silence, we wouldn’t be alive to do so. Yet there is silence as well in the vast emptiness of the atom: we are literally filled with silent space.

In music, there are silences within melodies, called rests, and complete silences, such as those found in the grand pause and in the breaks between movements. Silence puts the sound interspersed within in it into relief; it gives us time to absorb and reflect, however briefly, on what has passed, and to anticipate what is coming.

Since everything we apprehend is vibrating, at least externally, Silence is more a "movement toward" than a thing, more verb than noun: it is a deepening into. In a casting, the Silence Card points to this slowing into stillness; it can represent meditation, or a need for inner quiet. It can also represent that which is too quiet for us to hear: mystery, the unknowable. Finally, the Silence Card can indicate secrecy, circumspection, or stifling, a purposeful keeping of things under wraps.

To divine the meaning of this card in a casting, consider the Solfege Die it was drawn above or under.

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