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Al Segno portent, augury, symbolism, following directions

In a musical score, a segno is a marker used to direct a player through a composition’s form. The use of a segno is especially common when a portion of a piece needs to be repeated; one might, for example, find a segno symbol near the beginning of a piece, then later find the instruction “dal segno al fine,” which means “go back to the segno and play through to the end.”

Al Segno (ahl-SAY-nyo) translates simply as “to the sign”; in music, it means “play till you get there.” In a casting, the Al Segno Card indicates the presence of a sign, and a need to take heed of it. This might mean simply following directions; perhaps, though, the sign is not obvious. The Al Segno Card implies watching for signs; it may be that what’s at hand portends something else, something we need to augur. Ultimately, the Al Segno Card represents the symbolic world, and possibly our need to penetrate it.

To divine the meaning of this card in a casting, consider the Solfege Die it was drawn above or under.

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al Segno