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Harmony interrelationship, interdependence, relativity

When we hear the word harmony, we tend to think “harmonious,” as in consonant or pleasing. In music, though, harmony refers to any two or more pitches sounded at once, pleasing or not.

Although each of the pitches within a harmony is essential to it, a harmony is not defined by its pitches; it is defined by the space between its pitches. Harmony in music is interrelation.

Although harmony and relationships in general have beingness, they are not things. They are nouns so alive that they are almost verbs; they are the dynamic space between things. They exist entirely in the present, yet are somehow outside of time; they are palpable and pervasive, yet hard to grasp. Ultimately, harmony is simply relativity. As our experience of reality arises from comparison, harmony is tightly interwoven into the fabric of our lives.

In a casting, the Harmony Card refers to things that depend upon or are defined specifically by relationships. Very often quality of relationship comes into play: consonance or dissonance. Interdependence, and sometimes codependence, is often part of the picture as well.

To divine the meaning of this card in a casting, consider the Solfege Die it was drawn above or under.

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