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Counterpoint counterweight, counterflow, adversity as ally

In music, counterpoint refers to the combination of two or more melodic lines. It is from the Latin contrapunctus, which means “note against note.”

There are three types of motion that combine within counterpoint: contrary motion, where one melody goes up while another comes down; parallel motion, where two melodies go either up or down together; and oblique motion, where one melody remains static while another one moves. Contrary, parallel, or oblique, though, the overall effect of counterpoint is that of melodies against one another, of opposites in balance; the result is magical. Adding to counterpoint’s compelling quality is the constant flow of harmony created between its intersecting melodies.

In a casting, the Counterpoint Card points to those currents which flow counter to our own, often seemingly in opposition to us. While these "counterflows” may present difficulties in the short term, they ultimately serve a greater end. By providing resistance, for example, they may force us to reexamine, re-commit, or reinforce; or, they may provide a necessary counterweight in a situation lacking balance.

When Counterpoint operates unconsciously, we see an attachment to the struggle; parties may be “in it for the fight,” or the devil’s advocate may be at work.

To divine the meaning of this card in a casting, consider the Solfege Die it was drawn above or under.

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