Dice The Suit of Woodwinds: Muzoracle Shop

Keywords: understanding, insight, knowledge, communication

The sound of a Woodwind is produced by a player blowing air over an edge or across a vibrating reed, in conjunction with a column of air consequently vibrating within the instrument’s body. Those instruments that utilize only an edge are classified as flutes; those utilizing reeds are, not surprisingly, called reeds. In their case, the player forces air between a mouthpiece and a reed, or in some cases between two reeds. In both flutes and reeds, the pitch of the instrument is determined by its length, which is often effectively altered by covering and uncovering holes with the fingers or via keys.

The contemplative sound of Woodwinds aligns them with the mind: they turn us inward, addressing our thoughts, our insights and understanding. They are aligned too with the element of Air -- the carrier of sound, the messenger -- and so point as well to issues of communication. In the body, Woodwinds correspond to the Third Eye Chakra, the place of visualization and psychism; the communication lines plug in there, right between the eyes.

Cards in the suit of Woodwinds address the qualities of our thinking, the depth of our understanding, the efficiency of our communication. They deal with the pervasive, though often unacknowledged, worlds our minds create: in imagination, in justification, in belief. They sometimes show us to be “full of hot air,” blathering and aloof; they can point as well, however, to leaps in understanding, and to clarity, insight, and eloquence.