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Scalepoints and the Ray of Creation

Muzoracle: Ascending and Descending Scalepoints Below is an introduction to the Scalepoints as they relate to the Ray of Creation and to the Muzoracle system as a whole. Brief, pointed definitions for each scalepoint as it functions in a casting can be found in the Scalepoint Reference link available on each of the Card Pages.

The diatonic scalepoints are listed below in the order of their appearance in the cosmos: do, ti, la, so, fa, mi, re. Alongside each is its chromatic counterpart.

The Scalepoints of Do and Se

Descending: inception, birth, beginning, imminence
Ascending: intention, desire, goal, commitment

Brahman, G-d, the Absolute, the Tao: do (doh) is the unfathomable source from which all springs, the ultimate first cause, the final, underlying, unanswerable question. It is boundless, yet we contain it, and it is all that we contain. It is the ultimate particle, a substance beyond the notion of fine, a vibration beyond the notion of high. Do is the Unmanifest as well, the Void, the sacred nothingness into which something-ness expands, and from which anything-ness is born. Do permeates everything everywhere, yet is ineffable; it is the core and mystery of Being.

In the downward flow of nature, in a descending scale, do is the precursor to being. Cards drawn below do -- or its chromatic counterpart, se (say) -- occur at the point of Inception: they speak of that which is impending or now coming to pass. In the upward flow of will, in an ascending scale, do is Intention. Cards drawn above do or se speak of what is desired or intended, of goals and commitments.


The Scalepoint of Ti

Descending: revelation, shock, true nature
Ascending: transition, transformation, death/rebirth

From Unfathomable Source bursts forth Divine Will, and through it a myriad of worlds is born, ours among them. Ti (tee) is this child: it is the cosmic being that is our Universe. In it we are like fish in the sea: we have nothing to measure it against and cannot conceive of its boundaries. We cannot observe its density, for it is itself the stuff of the observer. It is the very notion of matter and vibration, the very notion of notion.

In the downward flow of nature, in a descending scale, ti is firstborn and represents Revelation: we have seen the child’s face, and now nothing is as before. Cards drawn below ti speak of true nature revealed. In the upward flow of will, in an ascending scale, ti is the last note. Cards drawn above ti speak of Transition: heavy with portent, pregnant with change, they are the jumping-off -- or falling-off -- point, the last step in a long climb.


The Scalepoints of La and Me

Descending: governance, construct, paradigm, rulership
Ascending: acceptance, forgiveness, nonresistance

Contained within our Universe are its children, the Galaxies. Life at this level, like all life, is, of course, ultimately an effect of Divine Will; at this level, though, it is once removed. Galactic life operates under the laws of our universe, which is not G-d but a creation of G-d: la (lah) is the level at which mechanical lawfulness first appears. Here, the infinite unknown that to us is one becomes palpable and many, and between the many we begin to see lawfulness at work: in gravity, in inertia, in the basic phenomena that govern life as we know it. Comparative knowledge arises; we have a sense of place. In the Ray of Creation, the scalepoint of la refers to one particular Galactic Being that is of great significance to us: our galaxy, the nurturing Via Lactea, our own Milky Way.

In a descending scale, la represents Governance. Cards drawn below la -- or its chromatic counterpart, me (may) -- speak of the rules of engagement, of governing structures, of constructs and paradigms. In an ascending scale, la is the last point before transition, and represents Acceptance. Cards drawn above either la or me refer to that which must be accepted in order to move on. There is often an element of forgiveness involved.


The Scalepoints of So and Ra

Descending: vitality, energy source, driving force, critical point
Ascending: challenge, life lesson, karmic debt, group challenge

“My God, it’s full of stars!” Yes, it is: within the galaxies live these magnificent gaseous beings, and within our own Milky Way lives the one star upon whom our lives directly depend: the Sun. So (soh) is Sol Invictus, the unconquered sun: Surya, Shamash, Ra, the god who touches us with warm fingers, the fiery Yang god to whom the flowers turn their heads. He brings energy, heat, and illumination to all who revolve around Him, including us.

In a descending scale, so represents Vital Energy. Cards drawn below so -- or its chromatic counterpart, ra (rah) -- speak of driving forces, of that which is crucial or critical. In an ascending scale, so represents Challenge. Cards drawn above either so or ra point to challenges with broader implications than what is directly at hand, such as those of karmic import or those that impact the collective.


The Scalepoint of Fa

Descending: transition, transformation, death/rebirth
Ascending: revelation, shock, true nature

Orbiting around the Sun and drawing its energy are the planets and their moons. Their vibration and density level is that of fa (fah). Fa may well have been the end of our particular Ray of Creation, except for a most extraordinary, and for us fortuitous, event: the asteroid that smacked into the Earth, creating the Pacific Ocean and the Moon. This was, in essence, a birth. Energy-wise, the Earth was altered in terms of its absorptive capacity; on top of that, She had a child to feed. Two more levels of slowing vibration and increasing density appeared: that of the newly altered Earth at mi, and that of Her child, the Moon, at re.

Fa, then, resides at the planetary level -- the astrological level. It is the uppermost layer of our Archetypal World, the world of our gods and dreams. In the downward flow of nature, in a descending scale, fa functions as Transition; here begins the crossover from, the infiltration of, the intangible into the touchable. Cards drawn below fa speak of transformation, of death and rebirth.

In the upward flow of will, in an ascending scale, fa represents Revelation. Here begins the crossover from the touchable to the intangible; cards drawn above fa speak of the deeper, more profound nature of what’s at hand.

Fa and ti are unique in that they form a tritone within the Major Scale. (A tritone built from any other diatonic point takes us out of the scale, to a scale a tritone away.) Fa and ti, then, are counterparts of each other -- diatonic counterparts, if you will -- hence their inverse relationship in terms of meaning. Both fa above and ti below represent Transistion; both fa below and ti above represent Revelation.


The Scalepoints of Mi and Te

Descending: opportunity, hope, providence
Ascending: effort required, work at hand, tools available

The density and vibration level of mi (mee), which is that of the planetary being of Earth, is aligned with the Mother Earth Goddess, Gaia. She is the source through which we incarnate: our flesh is Her flesh; our sustenance, Her gift.

In the downward flow of nature, in a descending scale, mi for us is the point of Opportunity. Here we are incarnate, sentient, and sustained -- now is our chance. Cards drawn below mi -- and its chromatic counterpart, te (tay) -- speak of opportunities at hand, of that which provides or gives hope.

In the upward flow of will, in an ascending scale, mi is the point of Effort. In order to realize our intentions, we must work: here and now are the tools we need. Cards drawn above mi or te speak of effort required, of work at hand and tools available.

In general, the scalepoint of mi is about what we are given and what we wish to do with it. It is a gateway to the experience of gratitude.


The Scalepoints of Re and Le

Descending: dependence, neediness, energy drain
Ascending: mechanicality, habit, reaction, unconscious behavior

The density and vibration level of re (ray) is aligned with the Moon. She is Earth’s child, the youngest in line, the growing one who is always hungry. In a descending scale, re is the furthest point from do and represents Dependence. Cards drawn below re -- or its chromatic counterpart, le (lay) -- speak of that which needs us, of that which requires our energy, our help.

In an ascending scale, re is the second step; as soon as our intention is voiced at do, re appears as resistance. Cards drawn above re or le represent Mechanicality, which is that within us that works against intent: our habits, our self-deception, our laziness, our unconscious posturing and reactive behaviors, our dull but waking sleep. Mechanicality is what awaits us when we truly try to act; it is the medium that intention must penetrate.

One might begin to get a negative impression of the Moon, with Dependency and Mechanicality as its scalepoints. Heaven knows, it has taken plenty of hits from culture, from its association with the insane (luna-tics) to its ties to women’s mysteries, emotionality, witchcraft, and other things that scare the men.

The Moon, of course, embodies a sacred and necessary force. As the last planetary being in our Ray of Creation, She is the pathway to the vital nothingness of the Void. She is aligned with what within us is most dense, and a groundedness deeper than the ground. She is the beauty and glory of all we are right now, without changing a thing.

In Greek myth, the moon goddess Selene falls in love with the handsome shepherd Endymion; in order that he remain forever hers, she casts a spell to keep him eternally asleep, and in this sleep he fathers her fifty daughters. (In some versions of the myth, he chooses this fate.) The Moon, then, keeps us unconscious out of love. The scalepoint of re is the Beloved not yet awakened; when we wish to wake, the Moon hangs in the sky like a mirror, showing us who and where we really are.