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Getting Started: How to Cast the Muzoracle

Learn the Muzoracle casting basicsOnce one understands the way the cards and dice work, the possibilities in terms of laying them out are countless; during the years of the Muzoracle’s development, several methods had their turn at the fore. As a starting point, though, two methods of casting stand out: the one-up and the full-layout. Those are the two methods outlined in these pages.

All castings begin with these same three steps:

Creating sacred space within. The more quiet and centered we are, the more clearly our question can arise, and the more present we can be to our casting’s results. If we're casting for someone else, we can help them find sacred space.

Posing the question. Questions need not be literal questions; they can take the form of stories. Present your quandary; state what’s on your mind.

Mixing the cards. The cards can be shuffled, although they’re rather large; they can also be swirled round and round and in and out of each other, face down. In any case, we need to make sure that the cards can vary their orientation while we're mixing them, as some cards mean different things depending on which end is up. (Mixing the cards can be part of creating sacred space, by the way, and part of getting our question clear -- the mixing process can be very meditative.)

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