The Tarot of Shop

Indentifying the Cards

Which Cards are Which

Below are some visual cues to help you identify the cards.

Muzoracle: The five suits of cards

Cards in the suit of Brass are red, yellow, and black and contain a fiery tetrahedron. Several of these cards display images of horns.

Cards in the suit of Strings are blue and sea green. They look like water and display an icosahedron. Several of these cards have a set of strings running vertically through the center.

Cards in the suit of Woodwinds are pale blue and white. They look like the sky and display an octahedron. Several of these cards contain images of bamboo panpipes.

Cards in the suit of Percussion contain an image of a large drum head with a cube in the center, surrounded by earthy browns and greens. Several of these cards display mallets.

Cards in the suit of Voices are purple and lavender and display a dodecahedron. Many contain a large starburst pattern.

There are five Major Triad Cards in the deck, one in each suit. The Major Triad Cards each display three suit icons and contain no text.

Muzoracle: The Major Triad cardsThe Major Triad Cards

The 34 Compositional Cards are black and white; among them is the Silence Card, which is solid black and has no text.

Muzoracle: The 34 Compositional Cards