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Muzoracle: The Tarot of Music: Phot of a Casting

Greetings, Traveler...

Welcome to the Muzoracle. Following is a brief introduction to the system.

What it is. The Muzoracle is a divination system based on music, utilizing cards and twelve-sided dice. In addition to concepts and images, the Muzoracle generates actual music, which adds a whole new dimension to the divination process. Users have the option of listening to their castings online or playing them on an instrument.

Origins and Purposes

Muzoracle: Box, book, pouches and cardsWhat’s in the box. The Muzoracle includes the 89 card Muzoracle deck; 12 twelve-sided white Solfège Dice (marked with do, re, mi, etc.); one black twelve-sided Musician’s Die, marked with musical notes; a comprehensive, spiral-bound user’s guide; a DVD with demonstration castings; and two monogrammed velvet pouches, one each for the cards and dice.


Making music. The Harmony Cards in each Muzoracle suit are accompanied by sound files -- they can be found in the Card Index. In the context of an entire casting, all of the cards and dice make music; using drag and drop, whole castings can be entered and played back via the Casting Engine. Castings can also be read like music; if you’re a musician, you can play them on your instrument.

The learning curve. Getting started with the Muzoracle is actually pretty simple; you can do a one up casting within a few minutes of opening the box. The directions for doing the full-layout are not difficult to follow, but it may take a few castings to get them memorized; beyond that, it's mostly about looking up the cards and dice until you learn them. Underlying the Muzoracle, of course, are the physics of sound, the structure of music, and the connection between physics, music, and the esoteric -- if you want to go deep, the system is virtually bottomless.

Onward, ho. If you've already got a copy of the Muzoracle, you're probably here to dig in to the system's musical possibilities -- dig away. If you don't yet have a copy, there's much here to explore: the Card and Dice pages are a good place to start. The Quick Start pages will give you a feel for what actual castings are like; those interested in the theoretical underpinnings of the Muzoracle might check out the Basics pages. In any case, welcome to the system -- and thanks for stopping by.



J S Kingfisher, Lughnasad 2009