The Muzoracle: The Tarot of Music by J S Kingfisher

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The Muzoracle Addenda

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Muzoracle: Casting photo by Hugh Lawson

Welcome to J S Kingfisher’s Muzoracle, a tool for engaging the intuition and imagination through music and myth!

The Muzoracle is in the throes of rebirth: the delivery date is this coming Yule, December 21, 2017. At that time, the new handbook— “Mythopoetics of Muzoracle: A User’s Guide”—will ship free to all current owners of the system; the revised website, complete with a new sound library, will go live at this address; and the system will once again be available for sale, both here and on Amazon. Meanwhile, please follow our Facebook page for updates and sneak previews—the system is much expanded since its original release!

If you are a current owner and wish to procure a copy of the new handbook when it's finished—or if you'd like to contact us for any reason—please click here.